Busy Times and a Link to a Giveaway

Aria went to the park for the first time today!  It was a lot less exciting than I had imagined it in my head.  We would go and she would love swinging in the swing, with the wind in her little hair and she would squeal and kick her little legs.  Then we would go down the slide a few times and she would clap and point to go up it again.  Then we would run around (with me holding her hands cause that little girl still isn't walking!).  It would be magical.

Instead she sat in the mulch and picked at it (it was rubbery mulch stuff for kids to play on) and she would pick up a piece and pretend like she was going to hand it to me, I would reach for it, and then she quickly clutched it to her chest.  I kept trying to get her to play with the other kids her age.  Nope, she just sat there in the mulch babbling away to herself.  Or she would just sit and stare at the other kids, like a creeper.  She needs some more socializing.  I think we will go to the park again tomorrow.
She did not like the swing, but she liked staring at the kids on the other swings.

Clutching onto her dear mulch

I like the playground, Mom!

Staring at kids, being a baby creeper.

She was wiped out when we got home so I put her down for a nap and got the butternut squash all cut up and into a baking pan so I could make her some baby food.  I am getting pretty tired of making her the same squash meal, so I'm sure she is tired of eating it too.  So I went online and found this awesome website, Weelicoius.com, that has some pretty good recipes on it.  And, lucky me, Ergobaby Blog is giving away a cookbook!  Score!  So, you should check out Ergobaby Blog and Weelicoius and see how easy it is to make homemade baby food.  Plus, Catherine is a pretty awesome name, if I do say so myself.

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