The Newest Diet Craze

(at least it is at my house).

Have a baby, wait about a year and then loose weight like no other diet!  It is the "you aren't allowed your own food anymore because anything on your plate is really my food" diet!  Guaranteed to help you never eat a full meal again!  Even your drinks are not safe! 

I don't think I've eaten anything without little hands claiming some of it since September...

But who can deny this face?  Especially when she signs "more please" and shakes her head yes with a big grin. 

Now I know how my mom felt when I "shared" her lunch with her.


  1. Hello :)

    Thank you so much for following my blog and entering my 10,000 views competition!

    Your daughter is the absolute cutest.

    Katie xx

    1. Thank you! I like her ;) I'm excited to try to make an advent calendar with scraps now. I have a year (now that I'm a little late for this year), so I feel like it is a do-able project!