I'm pretty sure this is like the millionth blog to cover this type of thing

...It's ok though. Even if I just blog for myself, It'll be a good little time capsule of this time in my life. So I'm not the best writer and I would really love to change that and grow with this blog. I should start with an introduction I guess. Well I am a college graduate with a science degree. I worked in the industry at a large company for 4 and a half years before quitting just last month to stay at home with my daughter and become The Family Manager. I have always been a crafter at heart and would love for this blog to be a place to put up my projects. I also eat "real food" and basically follow the rules Lisa has on her blog, http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/. I am married and have a 10 month old daughter. She, of course, is the best baby ever. I am currently planning her first birthday party in a Ladybug Girl theme. Trying to keep the cost of this event down by making all the decorations (or at least most of them) and all of the food myself is good practice for when she is older and has siblings. Plus, she will be one. I don't think she will remember if I didn't have the latest and greatest at her shin-dig. I will try to keep up with the budget and post it on here and where the money went as well as pictures and recipes! If there is anyone out there reading, do you have any special ideas for a one year old's birthday that would make it interesting to adults and other small children without going overboard?

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