A Very Ladybug Girl First Birthday Party

So it has obviously been a while since I was last able to write a post.  There were a lot of house and birthday party preparations going on in my blogging absence.  Aria's party could not have turned out better. We all had so much fun and got some great pictures of all the memories thanks to Heather at HMD Photography (she also did my labor and delivery pics too - I love when things come full cirlce!)!

I pretty much made all her decorations and tried to make and do things that could be reused.  The only think I ended up not reusing (but recycling) were the streamers.  I was going to make some out of fabric or something, but time was not on my side.  Plus, it doesn't really feel like a party without streamers.

I also made most of the food, where I could.  It was all "real food" that was local or organic with the exception of the meat (but it was the non-junky kind) and the cake mix for the dip (but it was so tasty I'll look the other way on this one)

Also, I'm pretty excited to say I stayed within budget, even before I returned some extra things that we didn't end up using at the party!

I could very well make like 10 more posts on the details of the decorations, so I'll try to keep it brief in this post.  There isn't a picture of it here, but I used empty boxes and covered them in pretty wrapping paper to create levels for the food dishes on the table, I thought I was pretty slick with that idea.

Here is a sampling of the party decorations and of the birthday girl!

A chalkboard picture for every month of her life.  Plus a baby to belly to toddler picture up at the top and a chalkboard for the first three weeks of her life too.  So proud of myself for keeping up with this.
The ladybug pins on the lines are from a dear friend who is living in Japan right now, they worked out perfectly.

Amazing cake dip recipe I got off Pinterest.
I didn't want to overwhelm with too much red so I used a black tablecloth with red dots as an accent.

Homemade plain hummus and roasted red pepper hummus.

The bunting I made with the Pin the Dot on the Ladybug game I made, in the background.

Aria let us try the cake first.

Then she went right for the ladybug and chowed down.

We created a cake monster.

When I took the tray away, she got upset and started to shovel it in with both hands.

Keeping some cake reserves for later in her hand.

All cleaned up!  (notice my earrings from my previous post?)
All in all it was an awesome day and we want to thank everyone who was able to come out and celebrate with us!


  1. Fun party and beautiful baby! The ladybug theme is so cute and smart... And those snacks are making me hungry...