Fabulously Free Earrings!

When I was in Girl Scouts, we each had a bead box full of embroidery floss.  When we got to a meeting early or went camping, we got out our boxes and made friendship bracelets.  It was so much fun to go to the store and pick out new colors and make bracelets for my friends.  Fast forward almost 20 years (what, the what?!) and in true Cathy fashion, I still have all the leftover floss.

My floss stash - so many memories! (It is in a pipette tip container that I saved from the trash at work, talk about upcycling!)
Late one night I saw found this blog, probably through Pinterest, but once you start clicking links, it is hard to keep track.  I really wanted a new project that wasn't painting and was easy (so I knew I would actually do it) and this fit the bill.

I made these to match my outfit for Aria's first birthday party.  I love that they use the floss that I had as a kid.  It makes it have more meaning to me than just a pair of earrings.  Plus I had the paperclips, gold hook part (I have sensitive ears), and two findings on hand.  Free = Awesome.  I also used scrapbook metal finding glue which dried clear.  I'll let the pictures speak to how easy it was to make.

Behold!  The awesomeness that is 15 minute earrings:

Step 1: Open paperclip and glue ends together.  Step 2: Wrap with string, gluing the ends with clear glue.

Step 3:  Wrap a pattern around the earring.  I added glue in a few key places to make sure the strings stayed put when a 1-year-old terrorizes them later.

Step 4:  Add earring hooks.  I attached mine with findings since they didn't open by themselves at the bottom.

My inspiration piece from Evie S.

I can totally see stringing a few beads here and there, two-toned with a different "nest" string and an outer string or different designs.  Maybe a black/grey web for Halloween and put a little button spider on it or make a solid pattern to make it look like a candy corn?  Or a green one to look like a Christmas tree with some "ornaments" for December?  The possibilities are endless!

What do you think?  What type will you create?


  1. I like the idea of Christmas trees and candy corn!

  2. Oh these are adorable! Glad you see you are getting some awesome crafting time in!! They seem really easy to make and yours look JUST like the examples :D I might have to make me some now...

    1. thanks! They worked out great at her birthday party. Thanks for following the blog too :)