Birthday Preview (AKA Cathy can be awesomely creative sometimes)

I've been busy making decorations for Aria's birthday.  Not that she will really remember any of it, but I want it to be nice for pictures (and inexpensive).  I'm also too cheap awesomely creative to buy things that I can make (better) myself.  I have a TON of crafty-type supplies.  I only just now am running low (not out) of black cardstock.  My crafting supply collection is, well, ridiculous so I'm basically making everything for free, except the time it takes me to do it.  As an added bonus, making these decorations is one of the things keeping me from not going nuts in the productive mind-set at the moment.  I don't think I can look at anymore on Pinterest pins without feeling guilty without actually making like 20 projects to make up for all the time I've already spent on the site. (Though for the project picture below, I thought and designed of myself after seeing a cheap plastic one on OTC's site).
 Anyway - Our friend Emily has graciously offered to have it at her house since she has a rockin' grill and a place to put a pool and our house is in the middle of the transition of moving (aka Box Party Central). 
For now, this is a preview of one of the decorations for her Ladybug Girl themed party!

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